As seen on Everyday Health on ABC, The Grassroot Project Fest events are a fun way to raise awareness and money to support TGP’s battle in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We are looking for high school or college students who are interested in starting up Fest events at their schools and in their communities.

If you are interested in starting a Grassroot Fest near you, DOWNLOAD THE TOURNAMENT GUIDE on details how to make your event great!



More about The Fest

The Grassroot Project Fest is an event designed to increase awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in DC while raising money to fund the HIV prevention education programs of The Grassroot Project. The Fest incorporates a variety of activities created to bring together individuals and unite them against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Previous Grassroot Project Fests have included, but are not limited to: 5K races, basketball tournaments, soccer tournaments, and barbeques.

kids playing soccer in georgetown campusThe Grassroot Project Fest raises money for prevention education programs through charging participant fees and encouraging outside fundraising by all of the participants. To educate these community members on the initiatives of the organization, members of The Grassroot Project facilitate activities and discussion at each event to demonstrate the purpose and aims of the project. Additionally, guest speakers from the community are invited to provide unique insight on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The success of The Grassroot Project Fest is dependent upon community involvement and support. Local businesses and organizations volunteer to sponsor the weekend-long Fest through donating resources for the various events. These generous sponsors mutually benefit from the opportunity through free advertising at all of the events.

Through creating a venue where individuals of the community can come together, The Fest aims to educate and raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and financially support the initiatives of The Grassroot Project in combating the epidemic.