Fall 2009 is the kick off season with George Washington University

A Synopsis of the Grassroot Colonials First Season!

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The Grassroot Colonials started in fall 2009, our second ever Grassroot program in DC. Fifteen varsity athletes worked in 3 schools with 5th and 6th graders, all of them in Ward 8 (Leckie Elementary, Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus, and MC Terrell Elementary School).

The team has already doubled in size, with 30 new athletes undergoing our Athletes2Coaches training course in January and reaching more youth.

If you are a College Athlete from the George Washington University and would like to learn more about the upcoming programs with The GrassrootColonials, or if you are interested in joining the Grassroot Colonials next semester, contact us here

Learn more about college athletes involvement and download an application from our website.

Our Pilot Program

Read about The Grassroot Project pilot program on the Grassroot Hoyas page.